About Us

Evolve is changing the real estate and construction industry by optimizing and enhancing every aspect of building design, materials supply, construction, and development. We view the structure and the process historically, from the original source of the materials to the last stroke of paint and from the solar orientation to the native fauna, our efforts target the end use experience as well as the overall built environment. The main focus is the inhabitant’s comfort and overall wellness, while at the same time doing the least damage and when possible the most good to the environment.

Our Vision

Our approach to everything we do at Evolve can be summed up in two words:


We combine superior craftsmanship with the latest building science techniques to make the home…


Our team has decades of industry experience in all facets of real estate, construction and development. Our personal experience is coupled with our passion to lower the negative impact buildings have on occupants, communities and the planet.

It’s time to move beyond incremental fixes and into an era of transformational change in how we perceive, design, engineer and construct buildings.

Evolve encompasses all facets of Real Estate from acquisition and entitlements to construction and ultimately disposition, because of this we are able to bring our projects in on time and on budget. This type of organizational biology also makes our services valuable to anyone seeking to buy, sell, build or invest in property.

One Mission, One Team

Our team is united by the goal of positive impact on the built environment

Tyson Dirksen
Founder / CEO

Gustavo Mendonca
Director, Construction

Mark Blackman
Business Advisor

Katrina Dirksen
Director, Design

Melanie Lombardi

Tashell Mitchell
Executive Admin

Alvaro Diaz
Site Superintendent

A growing workforce

The evolve team is always growing as we find people with passion and drive that align with our own.